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Has anyone tried this? Its a UAP product? Great for on the go treating.

ESTABLISH liquid is a unique product that enhances the
stimulation of Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. viceae
bacteria, whether naturally present or added to the soil,
that starts theprocess of nodule development on the roots
of pea and lentil plants. The stimulation of theRhizobium
bacteria by specific signal molecules, which are naturally
exuded in very small amounts by the pea and/or lentil plant
roots, is an extremely important event in the mutual
recognition of the plant and bacteria as symbiotic partners,
ultimately resulting in root nodule formation. Therefore, the
recognition of these signal molecules by the Rhizobium bacteria is critical to root nodulation, which is the site where
biological nitrogen fixation takes place.

ESTABLISH liquid is formulated with naturally occurring

biological signal molecules that enhance and hasten this
very specific recognition step between the plant and the
Rhizobium bacteria, ultimately leading to earlier nodulation
and nitrogen fixation.
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