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Quote:we just can't justify a $60,000 used price tag on 12 row heads and dont like the idea of 8row's with the field being planted in 12rows. If we had a 24row we wouldn't mind, and we're tossing the idea around, but im sure it'll be a couple years..

we really like the 6row because we never have to take it off for transport...8row's and 12 rows you' pretty much have to around here because the roadsides aren't big enough to accomodate two farmers going opposite directions on the same road.

i have to agree with davedan as well.

also if daddy is that worried about having wide and narrow middles with different width planter vs headers. then why dont you invest in an rtk system and eliminate them and be able to spread your $$$ investment over more acres and time used than put to small of a head on a bigger combine.

why get a newer/bigger tractor and use the same small plows-------doesnt make sense
1 - 3 of 51 Posts
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