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Im having a hard time accepting that its time for you to retire the 9600, It has very few seperator hours and I would think it would be nice not having payments for a few years. The cost in stepping up to any STS I think in your 6 row situation is not worth it. Conventional machines have less cost in the long run no matter the acres harvested. Ive ran both side by side. I Do only custom work and usually dont buy a machine until it has the hours your does, and dont turn them loose until they reach about 8-9000 seperator hours, getting me into positive/no payment territory for several years. However I do ALL my own repairs and spend good money on them in the off season.
My 9600 runs an 8 row head and the last crop we harvested was 227 BU/acre and we had no problems with capacity. I hope someone isnt trying to sell you an STS on the pitch of "higher capacity"
Good luck.
1 - 1 of 51 Posts
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