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If your going to be running a 6-row head the 9560 is plenty. A neighbor has a pretty new one with an 8-row head and it's plenty of machine for that. He thinks it's great compared to 670 challenger he looked at last year. He also thinks the 8 row is way better than a 12-row too but that is mainly for "territorial." reasons. It seems like when you make a mistake with a 12 row machine it turns into a bigger mess than you thought. A lot of corn can end up on the ground with a 12 row. Deere really isn't seeming to tend well to 6-row combines. I'm not color prejudice but my honest opinion is you can't put a better machine on a 6 row corn head than a 2388. it will take 200bpa corn at 6mph and not leave any on the ground. It will do the same with an 8-row too. Heard yesterday from a good source deere will release the 9970 next year. I wonder who is going to take control of the market for smaller machines with big capacity???
1 - 1 of 51 Posts
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