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Extended wear options for 20 series

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Can anyone here tell me how or if you can tell the difference between the extended wear options for the grain tank and clean grain elevator. I've already found a couple of other discrepancies between what we ordered and what we've got so I'm really starting to check things over. Nothing worse than paying for something you didn't get.
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I watched our 7088 being built and we had ordered it with the extended wear package aka "custom cutter package". While it was being built I asked our tour guide how we could tell if it had these options being put in while it was being built. The answer was "the workers on the line look at the build sheet and know what parts they need."
Short answer I don't know. I do know this I had a 2388 with hopper extensions and I had it ordered without the extended wear package and in beans the bubble up auger wore out in one season. My next combine a 2588 I ordered it with the extended wear and after a season in beans it showed no wear on the bubble up auger.
What other discrepancies did you find on your machine.
Thanks pureel, I kind of figured things out. The extended wear bubble up auger has an "EX" stamped in the top end of the shaft and the standard wear auger has an "SD" stamped in it. Ours is the standard wear as is the elevator. I'm sure we payed for the ext. wear but we seem to have misplaced our copy of the order sheet and the sales contract doesn't have any of this info on it.
Dealer is claiming it was ordered that way but they also f'd up on lights and only put two HID's in and I know for a fact we ordered all six. So I guess we hooped ourselves on that one. Stupid!

They did come through and are supposed to come out and install the rest of the HID's, hopefully before harvest and not after. I'm not holding my breath though.
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