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Ez steer 500 install on M155, input please

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Looking at putting our ez steer 500 in our M155, just curious as to a couple things

1- Where are guys installing the terrain compensation box?

2- I am hearing that the resume button can be hooked to the green button on the joystick instead of the foot pedal, who has done this and is it difficult?

Anymore tips or info is welcome, looking at tackling this project next week
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Sorry I didn't see this. Put the box on the floor. Its the best place for it. There is a resume switch on the joystick (green one). It can be used for sure. Not sure about the 155 but on my 150 there was a pined connected labeled P27 or something...I can go look if you need to, the dealer also should know. Then you can run a wire to pin 10 and 11 on the control box, will need a printer cable or can splice the wires of the ones that go to foot pedal if you have one. If you need more info let me know, I will be pulling my unit out of shed in a couple days and can take some pics.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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