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F2 concave clearances

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Hello to all,

I'm getting the combine ready for wheat and my manual appears to have 4 pages missing! The pages with the clearances. I wanted to know what the cylinder to concave clearance should be set for wheat as it is presently set for beans. Additionally, what cylinder speed should I run the cylinder at 1100-1200 rpm?

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Set it @ 1/4" - 3/16". You can start at that speed but slow it down until there"s no cracked grains and it still does a complete job of threshing. I've been told you can set your clearance so a piece of paper will just clear, but it's speed that really messes with grain cracking/quality.
If you cylinder bars and concave are in good shape you can try going right down to zero clearance in wheat then back off a bit for desired capacity. as tbk mentions it's speed not clearance that cracks grain.
Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!
Do yourself a favor and check the concave bars IF you have never replaced in a while. My be is they will be 1/2" on the edge and flat in ways about 4-^" then 3/*" in the middle and so on to the other side. There are places for a bar on the front door then about 5 on the rear door. Seldom does one need all these. We ran a channel on the door for wheat and beans and then a half round on positions 3 and 5 toward the back. IF we needed extra threshing we added a concave on the front of the back door on position #2. We then switched out the door concave for a half round for corn and removed the @3 concave. Only place I have seen the need for all is in clover or japp...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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