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Factory delivery

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anyone know how long it will take to get a combine if ordered today
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Apparently 09 orders were filled in 4 hours so you would be looking at sometime in 2010.
'09 Orders weren't filled in 4 hours... we ordered some that afternoon that were sourced after wheat harvest 2009 for us. Talk to your dealer and see if your Dealer Manager can get one out of their territory rep, sometimes they can find one in trade for something else. If you wanted it bad enough they could find one for you. Bottom line, the orders were open for a few days and then filled up, but it's still possible to get one, it's a matter of how hard the dealership wants to work in your favor, trust me I get the job of trying to find non-existant machines for customers, it's a challenge but fun. If you want it bad enough they can find one.
Alex is right. Today's Wall Street Journal has an article on Deere's 3Q. Company spokesman said only 70% of projected 09 retail combine production orders are filled. Check with your dealer(s).
i am needing one by august 1 2009 and sign an order on august 8 havent heard an eta
I was told by a deere factory rep that quotas are released monthly. He would not say which month was just filled. So try again the first of September.
Sales of Deere & Co. in its third financial quarter ended July 31 rose 17% to $7.74 billion; for the first nine months a 17% increase was also posted to $21.04 billion. Worldwide net income was $575 million for the quarter vs. $537 million for the 2007 quarter and $1.71 billion for the year to date compared to $1.40 billion. Equipment sales rose 18% for the quarter and 19% for the nine months. Sales in the U.S. and Canada rose 6% and 7% respectively while offshore sales increased 38%. However investors expected even better results and the company's shares fell sharply.
I got a delivery date of August 10, 2009 on a 9670 I ordered August 8, 2008
shows how hard that dealership wants to work...4 hours ha
It wasn't meant to be deep and insightful; I'm just aware of which dealership that came from.
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