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Fall Tilllage 2008 (Ripping)

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Figured some of you min-till/zero-till guys would like a little better pic of what 99% of the cornbelt uses in the fall to keep allowing high bushel corn to grow

I'll have high-def vids up by this weekend...gotta grab a bigger card so i can store more than 30sec. of video

Morning Fillin up for the day

Field Work in Progress, 9300 Deere w/chip, Brent Earthquake 7.0 running approx. 13-14" deep.

Into The night:

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Video will be up today/tomorrow...gotta see if i cant borrow my friends higher speed than my internet to upload the video.
nice pictures!, slow work eh?

It sounds like this video might be something worth watching, lol
video should be decent if i can get enough footage...if anything i'll wait till next spring and combine it with everything, i ordered the camera through qvc and they cheaped me out on a charger and the proper cables so video might be delayed

its nto too bad, all depends on the field though. There's some fields we havent chiseled in 6-7years and i'd be going about 4mph or power hop would start and i'd have to pull up some and make another pass.

if we're in the ground we chisel every year im runnin 6.5-7mph so it's not too bad. Turn up the radio to 15. flip it to Octane on sirius and just keep drivin.
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Looks like you need to get out and clean out those flintstone wheels lol

How big are the points? It seems to be leaving alot of stocks.

Last year I was pulling our ripper 16 in. deep this year I can only go 10 in.

why only 10? your fields too wet?

their 7" points without moldboards on the shanks (will be on next year), and thats about normal for stalk coverage...if we get 70-80% covered we're happy because the soil finisher handles whats left in the spring pretty easy.

The first busts off eventually, when the bearings went out 2 weeks ago it flexed enough to take the scraper bar assembly off to, somewhere in the field (we looked and couldnt find it'll probably end up in our tire next spring). We dont have any bar assembly layin on hand and we dont have that much to go, otherwise we'd wrap a chain around it and go.
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