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Hello all,

My name is Jake.

Last year I conducted a survey about Farm Sensor technology that many of you participated in. Here is a link to the results in case you missed them: Farm Sensor Survey **RESULTS**

In the original survey I asked questions about crop type and the kinds of data you wanted to see from your fields.

Based on your feedback and suggestions from the first survey, I have been developing a sensor that is capable of giving real time data on ground Moisture, Temperature, pH and Nitrogen levels. This information will be available to farmers via a free mobile app.

I am interested in your thoughts about the realities of placing sensors in fields. (e.g. installation location, tools on hand to install them, placement/collection timing, sensor storage)

If you could take a minute to fill out this form: Farm Sensor Survey I would greatly appreciate it. I will share anonymous aggregated data with the community again.

My goal is to give farmers an accurate sensor that won’t just give “feel good” data, but actually provide information and lead to an increased ROI.


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