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Hey Everyone!!
Over the past couple of months I have been surveying friends and family and basically any farmer that would talk to me. I posted originally here: I am happy to say that I got a ton of replies!
I wanted to share my findings with you. Here are some of the key points: (I have summarized them to keep the data anonymous)
  • 99% agreed or strongly agreed that technology would have a positive impact on their farm and the farming industry in the future.
  • 78% would consider purchasing sensors.
  • 90% were concerned with ROI and the initial cost of the investment.
  • Secondary concerns were accuracy and the impact the sensors would have on the environment.
  • 78% of farmers currently gather nutrient levels like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. 30% currently gather ground moisture and temperature.
  • Those data points were also the data points most farmers wanted to collect.
  • 80% want to increase the variety of data they are collecting.
  • 53% of the farmers surveyed gather data themselves. 55% use consultants. 11% gather no data.
  • This data came from farmers all over North America.
  • These farmers have varying acreage.
  • They also have varying crop profiles. Here is a sample:
  • 43% grow corn
  • 32% grow soybeans
  • 17.25% grow wheat
  • 15% grow beans.
  • 5% grow flax
  • 3.45% grow oats
  • 3% grow mustard
  • 1% grow strawberries
I have been doing follow up interviews and showing farmers the prototype sensors and app software that I developed in response to the research. The hardware and software will be used in a pilot program next spring (there are still spots open, message me if you are interested).
I am still looking for more farmers to talk to. If you are willing to give me some feedback please reach out to me.
Jake Loose
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