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Happen to end up helping a friend do canola yesterday, I’d seen the field before and was pretty sure my setup method would be tested.
Wow, what an understatement, it’s like a header testing proving grounds obstacle course!
Far, far and away the rollist land I have ever harvested, in a 50 m span you can get 0 to 100 (full range) feeder faceplate plus full range wing flex on both sides, what a wild ride!
It worked fantastic!:6:
My research paid off big time!:)

Well, not counting the 1/2 of a pickup box of short pieces of straw bridged over the hopper auger while testing in the already harvested wheat field, before I shut the sieves and ran the fan up to max to keep straw out, it was aiding by only idling the combine when testing, hmm., why is the quality cam showing anything? Oooooh.
My friend crawled in the hopper with a fork and spread it out allowing it to feed out, standing safely in the hopper as I ran it. I’m sure this procedure is outlined in the op manual.
Miles is still my friend.:)

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To end my never ending saga on wing balance I figured out what I consider the best way to set wing balance this aft.
This assumes equal float on the four main springs already set
And the covers are off
Jam bolts loosened
Combine on level ground
Feeder faceplate centered
Reel in normal operating position
Tilt at B1/2 (mid stroke)
Wings unlocked
Cutterbar off the ground just enough it doesn’t touch anywhere.

Now for the part not in the manual.
Run the entire header at idle, knife, drapers, cross auger, reel all running
Set something on seat
Adjust bell cranks until level, keep in mind one side may slightly affect the other
If using an cordless electric impact it may adjust faster than adjustments are responded to so don’t over do it.
Also, there is a bit of slop in the adjusting mechanism, just be aware if you reverse adjustment.
Once it runs a minute or so level and does not change you’re done.
Tighten lock bolt clamp on bell crank first while running and level.

That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!
41 - 42 of 42 Posts