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FD70 for Case/IH 2188?

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What would I need to adapt my 2188 for a FD70? I know I would have to weld a bracket and buy an additional cylinder for the third lift cylinder. How big a job is that? Also would need weight or calcium in rear tires, is that true? What type of adapter would I need for the header to fit on my 2188? Can you fix the 2188 so it is a center point hookup with all the hoses and wiring? What about the latch handle for the header? Thanks for any comments.
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There are kits for all of that, go to your case dealer and they should have a combine kit catalog. 3rd cylinder takes about 2 hrs and don't forget to recal your hhc for 3 cylinders otherwise it will move slow. Defiantly going to need weights. Single point and latch are available as kits.
How many ft? We were told that our 2388 with 3rd cylinder and fluid in rear tires could only handle a 973 30ft. Is the FD70 heavier?
CR Toney I run a 39ft 2052 on my 2388 with only a weight pack on the rear and nothing in the tyres.

Front heavy when grain tank empty but so long as you don't pull back on the hydro quickly it's never been an issue.

So a 30 ft front wouldn't even need the 3rd lift ram.
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