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FD75 vs FD1...2023

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There is an old thread or two about this already. The FD1 threads from 2017/18 weren't very positive.
Just wondering if a few years later these headers ended up changing some negative opinions.
FD75 ended up proving itself to be tried and true, did the FD1 ever accomplish that?
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Why do you say that?
Happened to at least 12 headers around here. MacDon sells a weld on replacement end and they were sold out quickly this fall. Dealers had never replaced one on FD70-75. Grab the driven end on each pea auger and lift it up and down. You might be surprised how much play there is there. In hilly land the pea auger fall off once that drive area gets worn and the auger tends to wreck the draper.

Not sure if it is the faster pea auger speed on the FD1 headers or the fact that most of them have buddy wheels and run in the flex position their whole life.
Maybe people don’t realize there’s grease zerks in that tube and without grease it’s steel binding on steel when header flex’s.
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