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feed accelerator on 9750

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I was looking at replacing the teeth on my feed accelerator yesterday when I noticed that there were two different set ups for the accelerator itself. In the parts book one is labeled "edible beans" and the other must be the normal one. We seem to have the edible beans setup, however this machine is only used in wheat and barley.....

would it be beneficial to switch to the regular setup or is it even going to make a difference? the only difference that I see in the two setups is the regular style has much smaller teeth but they double the amount of them so they are extended all the way across the accelerator. currently ours only extends halfway across the roller on each piece of channel.
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this is confusing in the parts book, you have what is considered standard equipment, that is, 3 serrated strips per wing. i believe that the setup with the smaller teeth is for rice primarily, switching to this would also require replacement of all of the wings. the standard, or "normal" part that i believe you want is H165407.
I have found that the more teeth & the more aggressive they are works best on a 60 series machine. The question is, are you unhappy with the performance of the combine? If not leave it alone, but if you are plugging the accelerator alot (i know all about that) then you might want to look at alternatives(like different teeth).
I would not say that I am unhappy with the way that the combine feeds we are just making sure that there isn't something better to make it work even faster... Not to mention our teeth are worn out and need replacing, we turned them around two years ago and now they are wearing pretty sharp.

motram thanks for the info from deere I think that will help alot with my decision. it looks like the same ones that I have on the machine so I think that no change will be in order
thanks for the response. I'm not sure why the book that we have been looking at has an edible beans listing next to it. would there be any advantage to having the teeth extend all of the way across the feed accelerator? the discharge beater has the same type of teeth on it however it is a bar that extends all of the way across the wing.
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