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Feed accelerator vibration

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Today I worked on a 9860 premium that had the high capacity feed package, which includes the rice feed accelerator. I believe this accelerator is run around 1000 rpm in hi speed vs. the 800 rpm of a standard one. This combine had a moderate vibration that I quickly isolated to the feed accelerator by dropping the tensioner lever and running it again. These accelerators are full of holes and allow a lot of dust in, but not out. When the dust sits to one side, you get a vibration. He will probably buy a PF accelerator from me to fix this. My question is, how many machines out there are having dust vibe issues in the accelerator? Particularly units with high-cap feed package.
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All of them I think, its just life with the JD accelerator, same problem with the JD conventional cylinders by my past experience.
Found out there is now a heavy duty discharge beater available and according to the parts catalog it is bolt-for-bolt the same as the hi-capacity feed accelerator. So that means the vibration problems will be just as bad at the back of the combine as the front. Boy oh boy does Deere ever make it easy to sell aftermarket upgrades.

I can see this going the same way as the sunnybrook cylinder for a 9600. Deere will say it is a terrible thing to do your combine all the while plotting how to make their own version or buy out a company like PF parts. Now that Deere owns the rights to Sunnybrook it's marketed as an amazing performance upgrade. The same thing will happen with these acccelerator/discharge beaters.
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