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Below are the kind of feed to be exported to China and requires to obtain the "Registration Certificate of imported feed and feed additives products" from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Compound feed: including pet feed, etc.
2. Concentrated feed: protein supplement feed, etc.

3. Additive premix feed: compound premix feed, trace element premix feed, vitamin premix feed, etc.

4. Concentrate supplements: mixed concentrated feed, etc., mainly composed of energy feed, protein feed, mineral feed, and some feed additives.

5. Feed additives: "Catalogue of Feed Additives (2013)" (Announcement No. 2045 of the Ministry of Agriculture), including amino acids, amino acid salts, and their analogs, vitamins and vitamins, mineral elements, and their complexes (chelates), enzymes Formulations, microorganisms, non-protein nitrogen, antioxidants, preservatives, antifungal agents and acidity regulators, colorants, pigments, flavoring, and food attractants, binders, anti-caking agents, stabilizers and emulsifiers, polysaccharides and oligosaccharides Sugar (feed additive products that are not listed in the catalog but have been approved for production and use in the producing country are products that need to be reviewed and registered)

6. Animal-derived feed: meat meal, fish meal, blood meal, feather meal, meat and bone meal, fish oil, shrimp meal, heme protein meal, fish lysate, etc.

7. Single feed: fat powder (plant source), inactivated brewer’s yeast powder for feed, enzymatically hydrolyzed soybean protein, fermented soybean powder, potato protein powder, and its fermented products, puffed soybean meal, DDGS, and DDG, etc. and processed by special processing technology A single feed product; Feed Ingredients Catalog 1773-Part IV.

For more consultation regarding registration of feed, feed additives, pet food and premixes to China feel free to contact me at [email protected]
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