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Feeder Chain Gibson vs Harvest service vs OEM Deere

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I am looking at changing the feeder chain on our JD 9600 . I am looking for advice on which feeder chain would be the best to go with and the pro's and con's of the Gibson ,Harvest Service , and JD feeder chain . Thanks
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Last year we put a Gibson in the rotor and liked it so we just installed one in the 9610 last week and used it in a wet heavy crop of Fescue. Worked like a charm. We like the plastic slat chain, especially for this machine because it is lighter to work with because it has to come out every fall to install a belt setup to do another crop. The other selling feature for us is that due to the fact we pick more rocks with the combines than the stone picker we don't have bent slats running all day if one of the little buggers finds its way into the feeder house.:D
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