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feeder house dust diverter on a 7720 T2?

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Does anyone know if someone makes a fan to blow the dust away that comes out of the front of the feederhouse like a 9650 has? I'm tired of eating dust and not being able to see in dry beans. GVL makes one for $1250 but it looks like it blows it out the sides and not back . Anyone used one of these?
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Ive got a dust diverter on my 9600. I would not take for it! Mine is a GVL. In my opinion, these are a lot better, and cause less trouble than the hydraulic-powered brands.

If it did not fit into your feederhouse inspection doors (and it may..I just dont know), it couldn't be that hard to modify. The unit sits on the feederhouse, and you remove your feederhouse inspection doors.

I love mine. It really decreases the amount of dust that used to hover in front of the front glass. I have not done any wrenching on it, yet, and Ive had it for over a year...
Does it blow the dust far enough out the sides or does it still come back up towards the cab area?
Blows it downwards and outwards. It has a down/out spout on it, on each side...It seems to do a great job. If it blew dust out there just a little bit, then the dust came right back to the window, I wouldn't like it too much..It will even blow milo leaves every now and then!
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Will it work in corn too or will the cobs mess it up?
I got a Johnson and I'm glad I did. I could see at night when I cut last fall.
google search wa johnson they make a feederhouse dust diverter
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