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Feeder house mods on 99 R62

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Gday my first post here. I am from Australia. We have a R 62 1999 mod. Ever since we have had this machine 2000 the rear feeder chain keeps jumping. I ve noticed there are some hyper mods to alter the floor between the front and rear feeder. Would it be possible for someone to please send me some photos and instructions on how this is done. This would be much appreciated. Any other info regarding this problem would be most helpfull too please. Machine is predomiantly used in Wheat and Barley. Rotor mods regarding the helical bar over the RHS top corner is done. Thank you.
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Thanks PJ. Some of that i can follow I must admit though that some is also a bit hard to understand. I read on here that NDDAN does kits to do the job i wonder whether there is anything here in OZ like that. A few more photos showing step by step would be handy, but anyway thanks again.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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