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Feederhouse blowers where?

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Does anyone make a good feederhouse blower for a 9600 that works good and is quick to install? Dust is so bad this year visibility is gone at times.
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I bought a Kruckman dust fan a few years back, its mechanically driven and has dual fans and is worth its weight in gold.

The problem is I don't know if he is still in business? I called last yr for parts (bearings) and the phone # was no good, and no one seems to know of him. His name is Harold Kruckman, company name was Kruckman products.

There are a few others, the johnson diverter being the most popular, however 2 local combines that run them have had the hyd motor start leaking during harvest and had to unhook them.

If I run across some info I'll post it.

Google wasn't finding anything close with the words I was searching with.

When searching for Kruckman Products, I find that it was called an EZ-View Dust Eliminator? I wonder if the EZ-View Dust Divertor is related? A belt drive, I like it!

Thanks jd!
Quote:Google wasn't finding anything close with the words I was searching with.

When searching for Kruckman Products, I find that it was called an EZ-View Dust Eliminator? I wonder if the EZ-View Dust Divertor is related? A belt drive, I like it!

Thanks jd!

Thats the Kruckman guy's dust blower. He is either working with GVL, or sold out to them. Either way, its a very good product! We had em on 3 different 9600's, and our lexion.
That is exactly the one!!!! Good deal!!!!

That is what I would reccommend, just keep a spare belt and a few bearings on hand JIC.

They must be closed for the weekend, no answer.

Are they easy enough to install in a couple hours or less? I wonder if they are light enough to ship UPS. Probably will get one sent Monday if it can be express shipped.

Thanks everyone!
That EZ-View looks so good because of it's simplicity. The Johnson divertor looks nice, but we already have a chaff spreader on the reel drive hydraulics.

Are there any holes to drill on the top of the feeder house?
I believe mine came via ups, it's more bulky than heavy.

Take 2 hours tops to install, you remove the top inspection doors and mount it over them, I just mounted the hinges right to the feeder house.

You'll also have to install the drive setup, which will include drilling thru the wood chain guides and installing a poly wear strip under the drive sprocket.

All in all very easy and well worth it.

I believe it came with or I just used self tapping screws.
Cause they eat more grain than other makes. HAHAHa
On a side note Why do the JD's seem to put so much dust out the feederhouse compared to other makes.

Its a problem with all conventional machines. The screw design of a rotor creates enough of a vacuum that it draws air into the feeder house thus greatly helping with visability. Like other rotaries, the Deere rotary does not have a dust problem out front.
Currently is $1250. One is ordered and should be here in a few days. If I have time, I'll take pictures of the kit with before and after pics while running.

I don't know about other makes of combines, but I think the cylinder machines carry some chaff over the cylinder and throws some back into the feeder chain. Then out the front it goes. I imagine the feed accelerator on the STS's does some of the same. A straight rotor machine like the TR/CR's and others don't have any forward rotating components behind the feeder to create that situation. Seems like rotor machines also draw air from the feeder bacause of the augar cones on rotor(s).

Edit: oops, kinzepower already answered while I was typing.

Have you installed your EZ-View Dust Diverter? Do you have any pics? I was wondering what you thought of the install process, since it is fresh on your mind. I have been considering buying one of these. Milo harvest is rapidly approaching, and MAN, the dust can get BAD!

You guys that have these...are they really worth the cash? Do they really do the job? Go with the EZ-View Dust Diverter
, right?
Thanks for the reply; and yes, I did read your comment(s). I was wanting to get other people's opinions, too, regarding the blower/diverter. It's been my experience that things usually work & turn out better when a bunch (or at least more than one) of people like it. I was hoping about 6 people would jump in and say they like it....That would make me more comfortable....I don't doubt your word...I was just wanting others, too.
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Here's a bow of confidence, If you don't like it, I'll buy it from you.

That's quite ~the bow~, alright!

I guess a plethora of recommendations will coming flowing in, now, that I have purchased one!

The cost of the Diverter was $1,250 for the Diverter, and $50 shipping. I talked to a guy named Brett. They only use FedEx as their carrier...bummer>>as UPS knows the way out here a lot better!

Brett said that at the end of August '07, they came down $250 on the cost of the Diverter...I bet the guys that bought pre-August are real happy 'bout that.
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4 yrs back it was 1500 plus shipping

PM me when you get it, I have a few tips.

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