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Fertigation with liquid N timing

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Hey just curious when is it a good time to apply liquid n? The 1/4 I'm trying it on is just starting to form the head in the bottom of the boot, I don't believe the flag leaf is all the way out yet.

Also how much do you want to irrigate after applying liquid n? I believe I'll be putting down about 1/10th" with the fert give or take. Will I have to put more water down after? Reason I'm asking is I was supposed to fertigate lat Friday but my nitrogen provider couldn't make it, and not sure if I will miss the window now. The pivots been on since Saturday and I don't want to put too much water down lol.
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If your trying to make protein your a little early on timing. I put N on with 1/2 in. Of water. Then just continue watering.
I'm planning to hopefully get a small boost in yeild and also doing another shot for some protein if this sounds correct? You want to hit it just before flowering for protein correct?
I hear different ideas on timing. My dad has always been one to get it on early, and to large extent I think he's correct. By the time the crop is at the stage you're talking about, the number of kernels in the head is already set. It's just a matter of filling and making protein. So we typically put on our first shot (15-20 actual #) right after spraying. Then the second shot about 7-10 days later, and the third shot 7-10 days after that. Lately we've been trying delaying the second and third shot just a bit with the third shot when the heads have emerged. This we hope will build protein.

I would definitely try to hit it before flowering. Ideally you don't want to irrigate during flowering, but sometimes you have to.
So the second shot is to ensure that the crop fills a little better? Do you guys see an increase in yields and protein when fertigation? And do you know how much n you apply over the whole year?

I was hoping to get on it earlier on but we had a wet week and a half so that set everything behind I still had to spray it.
I feel like when the grain is in the boot the yield has already been determined. From that point on I feel like fertilizer only boost protein.
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