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Hey guys,

I have been thinking about planting some milo. I have a John Deere 7000 6 row planter on 30 inch rows. It has a Hawkins fertilizer sytem with a John Blue pump. I am only going to plant about 12 acres. These fields have grown winter wheat for the last 4 years and have had no fertilizer in the last three except for the tillage radishes I have been mixing in with the wheat when I planted it. I mainly am wanting to see if the fertilizer system works on this planter and I thought it would be good to put some fertilizer than none at all so I bought some miracle grow and am going to mix some up in one of the fertilizer tanks and apply it while I am planting milo. I have read that miracle grow is a 20-20-20 type fertilizer. This is really the first time I have been around liquid fertilzer and I was wondering what your guys suggestion would be on how much fertilizer to put down and how and where would you set the pump. I put some water in it the other day and ran it, the guage showed that it must be wide open because it goes clear past 60 psi which is the last number on the guage, Im guessing who ever used it last was cleanimg it out but when I came to a stop it would show 20 PSI. Any time and help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Again,
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