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im finally getting back around to getting the concave back in mine. im putting a st. john's welding hard surfaced 13bar in it. i was wonder what you folks suggestions were about putting blanks/filler plates in the very front of it for green milo. how many rows should i block off?? i will also be cutting wheat with this machine but no corn. i would like it if i didnt have to take them out because its a PIA to do. ive had this machine in my barn all summer and have worked on it on and off for 6 weeks or so. replaced concave,bars, both elev. chains and sprockets, feeder chain and sprockets, put greenstar harness and yield mapping system in, 4 new tires. it has 1300 sep hrs on it so i guess its time that she's shown a little tlc.

does anyone have any tips or tricks to aligning the concave and getting it true??
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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