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finally got the 6088

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Well it and the 3408 came today...looks like it will be a pain to change gathering chains!!!!!

I love the changes on the 6088. Bottom seive door and in the hopper tank everything really but.....under the feederhouse there's a handle and looks like there's a beater in behind the feeder?????? Why??? Like dad said all that will do is crack dry beans/corn and wrap when u get into green beans...if that's what that is then it kinda seems like a bad change
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When talking about the beater behind the feeder, are you talking about the rock trap? The rock trap is an option, not standard.
yeah sounds like you got the rocktrap there guy and its not reall as much as a hassle as you think its been great for them slgugs that wont back out of the feeder house and them pesky stones that you dont see that get jumped up by the cutterbar

and a pain to change gathering chains???
Alrighty so just pull the handle and that dumpos it?? Yeah u have to remove that big black part in front that I guess supports the divider and then on the back there's a cover piece on thee curve. Just extra stuff to take off and lose
What model machine did you have before the 6088? I have a 2588 and am thinking about trading up to a 6088 just wondering about better performance , more acres per day.
pureel, we have both. Have only run them in wheat so far and only in the same field twice. I think they are very similar in capacity. Started soys last Sat. Did 10 acres and got rained out. Not sure when we'll get going again to be able to compare them.
yes that handle under the feeder house when moved dumps the rock trap
And don't forget to close it when doing corn or it will all fall out on the ground. In soybeans we've forgot to close it and it just fills up with stems and the stuff just sets there.
K...thanks not sure why its on there... atleast we got the in cab sieve adjustment really don't want the rock trap... we will make sure and talk with the dealer on that one...
Wow I wouldn't buy a combine without a rocktrap. Cheap insurance. Anyway remember to dump it every few days to keep the stuff soft. Corn isn't real bad because you don't pick up alot of rocks, but beans however are a different story. If it gets hard the rock might not be able to go in plus it empties any rocks out. The corn ears will get jammed in there prety tight if let go a long while. See the beater drives the rocks into the trap.
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