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We ran with two Deere Combines today. We'll have the video out as soon as we can.
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its hard to tell, with all the humid mornings we have been getting, i havent been able to start til around 11am most of harvest due to freak showers/foggy mornings. What crewwere ya gonna run with up @ grant?
Also you will drive right by my farm with that machine on your way north, ill be cuttin about 20 miles north of Benkelmen with the R65, feel free to hop right in our field. Even have a lot to unload right across the road. Ya could at least get ahold a me when ya are leavin, might be able to catch ya on Hiway 61 on your way north to see this beast i will definitely get outa the machine to check this new one out. Will it be ready by fall harvest?
I missed ya on hiway 61 yesterday, even had the boy on lookout! I was cutting right @ the county line and I think its the only field left standing between Benkelmen and Grant.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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