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finding replacement poly skid plate 925f

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Some one posted a year ago. Were we could order new poly skid plate for my JD 925 flex or any flex head, it is a company that was custom building, after market. they would supply every thing, rivets and
They were cheap, and I think in canada or northen states.

Thanks for the help

I could not find the old post, but I will keep looking.
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The company I like and use is CFC Distributors. Their poly is thicker and better
than Deere's. Become a dealer and get their best price. Do a net search.

I am calling them next week for some sections, Herschel, close to half the cost
through my dealer.
Wilkie sales in Saskatchewan. did our Case IH 1020 25' last year, got the full poly kit, with several spare pieces as well. It came with rivets and a drill bit. Rivets kinda seemed mickey mouse, but they seem to hold on pretty good. All that shipped to the local bus depot overnite for just over $700
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