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first day with the 7120 in peas

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took the 7120 out today for its first threashing hour in peas, running over 60bu/a, steams are still green and mositure 18 percent

running a 40' 2152 header and cutting 4inches off the ground, header so far looks to be a real winner, love the cut and ground contour, header height works sweet as well

as for the 7120, never had any issues other than power, stalled the combine more than a few times due to lack of power, once motor started falling, it would not give you much time to recoup and would die, i will say for the positive note that the deslug feature works great and with in less than a minute all running again

now for the power issue i am concerned, we are starting on the lighter crops and more power will be needed soon, i know motor is new, but was hopping for more torque than this

i would almost bet that my 06 2388 would of done better for torque, but then it was chipped as well, never had that machine stall

dealer had me replace fuel filters and go in and look and engine specs, said i was to go to power boost rather than power rise

we will be starting latter today, and see if this renders the problem, i sure hope so(maxie i look for your package each day to arrive)

if any others have any ideas, please let me know, i also see that this engine is wastegated, and advantage to this
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It seems electronic engines will give you the rise and then shut off fuel. I have noticed it between our TR98 and CR970. Once an electronic engine gets to its preset peak, it will shut off fuel and fall on its face. Your chipped 2388 probably kept dumping fuel.

A wastegated turbo is much better because it will develop more boost at lower RPM or lower load (in the case of a combine) but will not overboost in applications of high loads. In a nongated application, there would be lower levels of boost when the machine isn't full, requiring the turbo to spool up for slugs rather than having boost all the time. There is probably some adjustment there as well, but extra boost without extra fuel is useless.
I see the same issues with our 8010 and STX 425 quad. Both have Iveco engines that seem to have no torque. In the Quads case if you come to a hill and are in the wrong gear the powershift is useless, the engine can not recover from a downshift. The problem is the same on the combine. CASE IH there is a problem with these engines, PLEASE remedy it (or release the d**n engine codes so I can chip the bastards).
if you have a 425 you still have the cummins, iveco was not until the 430's and 435's.
on my 2388s i always would plug off the wastegate line after turning up the fuel pump, to prevent wastegate from opening and give all air to the motor rather then exhaustm thinking of doing the same today, will see, usally a boost of 3 to 4lbs of boost going to the motor, just wondering with the iveco, if it would pull a high boost code
day two... motor seams to be pulling much much better with new filters, running 3 to 4.3mph, feeder house is way stronger than 2388 was, deslug works great, using 20gph on 120 percent engine load.... also found out that for max power all the time you need power rise, not boost on the pro 600... maximum boost i seen today is 48.5psi

as for the 2152, header worked flawless and cut great low to the ground, still waiting maxie
yeah its been said several times to just keep it on that one setting for power..

And yeah drapers kick @ss
Tractors with the Iveco engine in them have the muffler on the left side of the cab, correct?

And speaking of fuel use in gallons/hour. Pushing a 8010 I think I could get it up to about 23 GPH. When I ran a STX 450 quad ( cummins motor) pulling a pan I think the highest I could get it to was 22 GPH. Of course who knows how well the system that measures fuel use is calibrated.
the fuel use in the cab LIES go off a real measurement. best way to watch how it is performing is your % of power. if it doesn't come up you know that you have afuel filter/ air filter problem. isn't your header a 2162?
worked last night till the rain made us stop, running with two deere 9860s for the day, 7120 worked good and stood its ground, spreader is now spreading over 40', header working good even in hills

i have not had a chance yet to measure how much the hopper holds 100 percent full with unloading tube full, i do no i had to raise the tank sensor up to the highest postion, now when it alarms, you might have 30 seconds till it spills over, seams to fill left side of hopper fuller than right, will look to adjust
change the fuel filter often, when i got my new 7010 in 07 i didnt even make it 20 hours on the first filter. the fuel tank had so many fileings in it, after the third set of filters it has been great. did find this fall that the elbow off the turbo had the oring cut and had the lip that the clamp holds on to broken, gained 9 pounds more boost, almost hitting 60 psi now. you can watch the boost on the pro 600. ive killed it more than once running in 100bu rye
GOOD TO HEAR that 60lbs boost is what you are getting, i am no where close to that at only 48lbs, another 7010 i know is running less than that
My 7120 was running around 48lbs. harvesting wheat. I like to see more power. Going to change filters before starting corn. Will be running 3412. Corn looks like it will be running 150plus. Could anyone tell me what settings I should start with? Round bar or Large wire concaves? Skip wire crates?I have been use to running Deere's.
I haven't looked in the old 8010 for about a year but I'm pretty sure I have 1 or 2 round bar modules ( ya, that's what the "experts" call the concaves now. I actually think they call them modules rather than concaves because concaves sounds so permanent and modules just sounds easy to change out ) on the right side.

And maybe it's just me but I think the Iveco engine really like cooler weather. The power just seems much more solid when it's 60 degrees out rather than 90 out.
Just to clarify I meant STX 435 I think it was an 07 not exactly sure as it was rental machine. I do know for sure it was an Iveco.
that's right case ih combine rep said the same thing at the combine clinic.
filled the hopper up today and the bu counter said it had 326bu on a plump full hopper and unloading auger, we did a bu weight and the local eveator told us the peas weighted 67lb/bu.... i see in the pro 600 uses 60lb/bu weight

do you guys feels this would change the total bus in the hopper if the correct weight was entered, our local elevator is a long ways away to take in a full load

we were in muddy conditions today and 2152 worked suprisingly well

have 7 seperator hrs and 7400bu combined, not bad for first few hrs
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