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first time wheat combing with CR

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I am going to be combining wheat for the first time with my new CR8080 and a 40 foot draper. any advise? what should my settings be in the combine? how fast will I be able to drive? thanks in advance
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make sure shoe blocks are in less aggressive position
how did it go. I just had the NH salesman stop by....he made me an offer to trade my deere off....but don't really need an new 2013 cr8080 (already almost 2 years behind and I don't put enough hours per year to make that old of a new machine work). I always liked the twin rotors (I had 2 tr98's back in the day) but how do you like fast did you drive? are you happy with it?
have not used it yet. wheat is still 2 weeks away. I traded off a Deere 9660 and heads for the 2013 8080. unbelievable difference in trade price. a new 8080 and new 2014 12 row chopping head vs. a one year old s670 and new 612C. well over 100,000 difference in trade price. so I am going to run a yellow one for awhile. demo went fine when we tried one so why not switch until mother deere gets back in line?
Rotors fast as you can
Top sieve 1/2"
Bottom sieve 1/4" pre clean sieve 2nd or third notch open
Fan 820-850 chopper high speed with knives pushed in for fine cut make sure feeder face plate is correct angle
Feeder speed high, ground speed will depend on crop going through. You'll get a feel for how much it wants, which will be quite a bit
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