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Flexicoil blockage systems

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Hi guys, was just wondering if anyone has experience with flexicoil optical blockage, I got a case atx 700 and it has full blockage on the seed shoots, but seems I'm having some sensor issues and I would like to just run one sensor per tower to simplify the system for me, and at 150 bucks a pop the sensors would add up, so does anyone know if I would be best to just unplug the non required sensors and use the current 3 flow modules and gateway module or would I be better off to remove flow modules and run off the gateway only, as in the books diagram for a basic blockege system? Thanks a lot for any replies!
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I have ran a couple single run and one all run flexi systems. I now have an IAS blockage system. Best $10K ever spent on my seeder. I just looked in my service manual. In trouble shooting and under "problem"- "inconsistent flow blockage alarms" 2nd cause, Normal monitor operation

FYI, I replaced all my hoses when installing the IAS system. Took me about 2 full days worth to get the system installed. A couple weeks working on it off an on when time and weather permitted. Did it in the winter. Just so you can plan it in better ;)
Best flexi guy I have ever talked to on blockage or any electronics was a service guy at Zerbe brothers in Montana. Glasgow?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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