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Flexicoil blockage systems

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Hi guys, was just wondering if anyone has experience with flexicoil optical blockage, I got a case atx 700 and it has full blockage on the seed shoots, but seems I'm having some sensor issues and I would like to just run one sensor per tower to simplify the system for me, and at 150 bucks a pop the sensors would add up, so does anyone know if I would be best to just unplug the non required sensors and use the current 3 flow modules and gateway module or would I be better off to remove flow modules and run off the gateway only, as in the books diagram for a basic blockege system? Thanks a lot for any replies!
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Not that experienced with an all run system but it would make sense to just unplug the sensors you don't want and turn them off in the monitor. My biggest issue with the sensors was broken wires at the sensor or wires grounding to the frame where they have rubbed through the casing. Sensor wires rub in a lot of places on the frame. Need to follow them all and tie them up better with cable ties.
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