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News Release June 18, 2014
For Immediate Release

FNA Fertilizer Limited Partnership Announces Plant Site Location

REGINA — FNA Fertilizer Limited Partnership (“FNA FLP”) announced today it has selected a location for its new nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing facility, which up to this point has only been described as being “built in Western Canada.”

Spokesperson Bob Friesen confirmed that land near Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan, has been selected for the site of the estimated $1.7 billion-plant.

FNA FLP sees Belle Plaine as an ideal location, due to several key conditions it meets for the plant:
Access to natural gas;
Available electrical power supply;
Supported by an ample water supply;
Necessary logistics infrastructure including roads and access to both national railways;
Skilled workers, whether from rural or urban areas, within the region.

“This announcement is an important step in project development and demonstrates a distinctly tangible milestone,” says Friesen. “The types of industries that are already located in the Regina-Moose Jaw corridor make it a logical place to locate.”

The project will have a significant impact on the province of Saskatchewan. Estimates for job creation are in the range of 1900 construction jobs and 170 positions for operating the plant once it is built. The plant is also a major investment in the growing provincial economy. We have been working with representatives of the provincial government and appreciate those efforts as we move this project forward.

Dates for when construction can begin will not be set until the equity for the project has been raised and other key project milestones have been met.

Since the last FNA FLP public announcement, the project has been moving forward in a focussed and strategic manner, with significant work taking place in the background that, by necessity has been confidential in nature but instrumental to the success of the project. As a result of this ongoing work, today's announcement is expected to be followed by other related announcements in the coming months.

— 30 —

For more information:
Bob Friesen, FNA FLP Spokesperson
(613) 230-2222 / (613) 852-9711
ProjectN — Farmers' Fertilizer Alliance

FNA Fertilizer Limited Partnership is a legal entity designed to align farmers to build a nitrogen fertilizer plant.
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