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? for jdeere

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I am curious if your happy with your 9500 mod's,did you get a
nice clean sample with very little cracking,and any other observations or opinions

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ahh, so you do remember the stuff we did to it, and furthermore, remembered after harvest. Glad you asked, for instance I hadn't though of the new results much.....but come to think of it, yes I'd say there was improvment, rather good improvemnt I reckon.

hmm well I begin with what differences I noticed the most:

with the new heavy-duty, high inertia cast cylinder, it seemed to use less power to rub out cereal crops, ie: barley, wheat, oats.

speed-up kit for the beater, helped to pull material away from the cylinder, thus eleminating all those grunting and snorting noises you hear when in high yield & high moisture crops, never had to worry about plugging the cylinder (which was what gave me ease of mind the most) due to the fact that we jammed it up three times last fall.......

new shoe augers: which helped in moving grain from out under the concaves, thus helping out with improved yeilds I imagine.

we also slowed down the straw walkers, and put a few more taller risers on the walkers as well, that was supposed to help with giving the grain a better chance to fall through before going out over the back, but in all the grains we do (except barley) it worked very well, but in balrey there were quite a few losses, 15-18 seeds per square foot on the ground, (when we were dropping the straw) thats a lot of seed! but when chopping and spreading the straw, there wasn't very much, but then again..its spread out over a rather large area. (so it was 15-18 seeds while dropping straw, in a concentrated area)

and one more mod I can remember, we have a large plastic sheet that slides in between the cylinder and concaves (ONLY to be used when harvesting canola) it reduces the amount of split or cracked seeds, its the full width of the cylinder, and about 3ft deep, that worked very well for us too, we had next to nothing for split canola seeds. not sure if it helped with yeilds, because ever year is different

so over all, in all the other grains except barley, I'd say losses were cut down a fair bit. As for a cleaner sample, it all depends how you set your machine, we didn't have a cleaner sample this year than any other year, due to the fact that if the sample is too clean then that means that your not getting all the grain your thrashing out. and for cracking....again its all in how you set it...having the concaves set too close to the cylinder...then yeah you will have cracking, but if too far away, then your straw come out the back with grain still in the heads, and same goes for how clean your grain is, the tighter you make your seives the cleaner grain you will get, but the more you open them up, the more grain can fall through, but you have more chaff, (take the good with the bad I guess

so with all the mods, it has helped up to speed up our ground speed while harvesting, whithout having as much grain going out over the back, and with other worn parts replaced, we now have a good machine again to last us for years to come

hope that answers your questions, if you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask
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