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FOR SALE: Flexicoil 6000 with Pillars, Morris 7300 Cart, Morris Never Pin

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Interesting air cart. lots of credit for the work. Sadly, the price will never be high enough for what it can do.
Going different route? Just buying a new Pillar?
Bought a Case ATX700 60 foot with Pillar lasers on it (conversion done before Pillar was building the wider drills. Has 3430 CNH variable tank on it as well. Have about 900 ac done with it this year and I like it. Folding takes me only about 3 minutes. Cart calibration very nice. Hate that can't put any tank into any run. Seems dumb that it still has to be that way! Air system leaves much to be desired with seized air deflectors before the tanks.
Oh yeah, the 6000 is sold. Everything else sitting beside the 41 highway north of Medicine Hat if anyone wants to see it!
NICE, Case atx is a good tool, I am also happy wirh my Never Pin conversion with Pillar Laser,
if people like to do this, they can contact me like Kirschenman did.
And I know where to find a neverpin frame!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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