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hey all,

we are done for this year, but for future reference, is there any suggestions on how to set up a P1 for triticale?

we helped a customer finish up due to threatening rain, and I wasnt too pleased with the job we were doing.

This is on our new to us 1980 N5, with the "S" code update package. return to accelerator rolls only.

the rotor appears bone stock, with 2 pairs of reverse bars in the seperator side, and 1 pair in the threshing side. steep pitch flat bar helicals in the threshing side (which is stock, I beleive?) and standard pitch flat bar helicals in the seperator side.

when we got it, all covers and fingers were installed. we pulled the fingers and 1 cover, and ended up putting the cover back on to keep the cage sweep from plugging. I put two chunks of black plastic 1 inch siphon tube on the two left rear cage sweep arms to keep the buildup on the support knocked off, but have no solution on how to keep the front support area, where the plate that supports the Left feeder chain bearing is mere inches from the other support, and there is no room to put a hose on that sweep arm. I am thinking of putting a plate between the two members to seal the pocket, and the standard sweep arm will be able to keep that clear.

as far as the job, I was getting plenty of broken heads in the bin, with a few kernels still in them. I closed down the sieve very tight (almost all the way closed) and finally got the bin cleaned up, but I imagine I am running plenty of return, and with no return to cylinder, I doubt anything is getting done about the kernels still in the head.

I had the concave closed to the point of almost hitting, and had the cylinder as fast as it would go, which happened to be around 1000 RPM.

the bars are getting a little down, but they threshed the barley wonderfully at 600 RPM. granted barley is an easy thresh, but still.

would new bars and a filler strip in the concave knock it all out, or are we beating our head against the wall by not having return to cylinder?

A good friend who we called for advice has a R70 P3 with cyl. return and said he did some triticale with his, and was able to do a good job, but ran a bunch of return.

The last time we did triticale (3-4 years back), it was also the same forage variety, it grew 6 foot high, and all went down last watering. it took a 78 L2 Small engine hydro, and a 80 L2 small engine hydro w/ floating feeder beater, both with 18 ft heads, 2.5-3 days to do 20 acres, but we had it down tight and got it ALL out of the heads and did great on the ground.

ANY tritcale experience with M2/ L2, N or R series is appreciated.

I have wondered if an enclosed cylinder in a later L2 or L3 with the wide range cylinder drive, and 670T/ hydro would be the best way to do this stuff.

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