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Frost Tolerance

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Hey guys. So we have about 400 acres of sugar beets up right now jus putting on true leafs. forecast is showing anywhere from 25-30 for tonight/tomorrow morning. I know for you guys up in Canada that is warm:22: but in ND for May 19 record is 29. We are just coming off 5 inches of rain in the last 8-9 days. Anyone have any idea how cold these beets can withstand before i'm replanting and any overall info from you boys in Canada that deal with these freezing temps on a regular basis. Thanks!
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I know this reply is a month late, but I have been working with a chitosan product that will increase your frost/freeze tolerance down to the mid 20 degree Fahrenheit range. We had that same temperature here in Colby that same time frame. Sprayed my tender garden plants with it, cold didn't touch them and we held a 25 degree temperature for a few hrs.
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