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I am rebuilding the shaker/shoe system on my later 1660 and I noticed when reading searched posts on here the part number for the HD German shaker bushing was requested several times but never answered.

After getting the wrong bushings the first time, I now have the correct part numbers and I thought I would post the part numbers for future reference. My 1660 uses 10 each of two different size bushings. The smaller one measures 1.280" OD and the part number for the HD German bushing is 87538600. The larger one measures 1.5" OD and the part number for these are 87538599. A kit that consists of 10 of each of these bushings is part number 87299945 and you can save some money with the kit vs. buying them individually. This kit is shown in the product support flyer as fitting a 1680 long sieve, but it appears to have the correct part numbers and quantity for my late 1660. I ordered it today and if the kit contains what Case-IH says it does, it should be correct. These HD bushing have a thicker center steel bushing and a thicker outer steel shell, which leaves a lot less space for the rubber, which makes them pretty easy to identify.

There is one more larger bushing used in the later machines and the part number of the HD German bushing for it is 87376294. The produce flyer shows a HD bushing kit for 1688/2188/2388/2588/2377/2577 and the part number of this kit is 87299946.

It appears that if you try to order the old std duty bushings as individual parts, it will be subbed up to the HD bushings, but if you order any of the kits that start with a B part number, you will get a kit with the old std. duty bushings, at least that is how the kits were that I just ordered.

Another thing we ran into was that some of the kits that Case-IH showed on the kit break down listing as having the HD bushings in them did not, but maybe they were old stock and new, fresh stock could be different.

Also, I have 4 PDF files of technical bulletins pertaining to shaker system rebuilds if any one is interested, drop me an email. Two of these bulletins are info on the shaker shaft alignment tool, one is about the improved shaker shaft bearings and flanges and one is on cleaning system rebuild procedures-16 pages.

Thanks to those on here and my local dealership guys for the help you have given me with this deal.
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