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Greetings. I work for a company that makes Teflon seals and am trying to gather some information to convince them that we should make seals for gearboxes on center point irrigation systems. I have worked on the bearings for the gearboxes in the past, and it was my understanding that there are often issues with the seals as they become brittle from the chemicals or UV exposure and then leak. I think Teflon would be a great advantage in helping them last much longer. I understand this is an issue but don’t have a good feel for how big of an issue it is and looking for some help understanding that.

1. How long do gearboxes typically last?
2. How often do find you need to replace a gearbox? (1 or 2 per year after the first 5-10 years, etc)
3. What is the cost to you in lost performance, crops, etc? (Does the oil that leaks out destroy crops?)

I greatly appreciate any feedback you could offer to help me. Thank you.
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