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Gleaner 7000 rigid to MF Rotary 8780xp

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Came across an Gleaner 2005 yr auger header but according to the serial number it was born for R series Gleaner combine.
Looks like it should fit on the MF feeder house but I notice in the parts book there are different table augers between c62/ R series/axial combines?
What all is different with the auger?
Can this even be done easily?
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Seems to me by looking at the parts book the basic header frame is the same part number so I assumed the hole was centred in the frame my assumption might be wrong I should have measured with a tape.
There are 2 parts books for a 7000 header one MF and one Gleaner.
But like I said by the serial number this header shows as Gleaner R series .
Seems to me a bit more involved than I want to get.
Noticed comparing the MF 7000 parts book vs the Gleaner 7000 parts book the MF auger has 17 table auger fingers while the gleaner R series has only 14. There was a difference in part numbers of the solid drive shaft between the telescoping shaft and the wobble drive pulley. I'm assuming the length is different.
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