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Gleaner L injection pump woes continue...

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I've had a lot of trouble getting my Gleaner L running. Finally figured it was the injection pump and had it rebuilt for $875. Once it was installed it ran great for about 20 minutes then suddenly died. I thought bad fuel had clogged the filters. I started into cleaning the tank, but it was so full of tar I just bought a new tank and I replaced the filter. After all that I couldn't get fuel to the injectors. I took the injection pump back off and took it to a shop and they told me the shaft broke! Also that parts in the newly rebuilt pump were rusty. What happened to my pump and what should I do?

Does anyone know where I can find a Roosa Master pump (model number DM4629JT3080) for cheap? It is starting to look like my wheat will not be harvested by a Gleaner this year.
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big engine or small engine?

We might be able to help, especially if its a small engine, as we are parting a few out here, and we are out here in Idaho on barley harvest.

We can check with our farm repair shop friend in SE Wyoming, he bought many pumps at the Yuma, CO closeout sale, but he talked about trading them off to his pump guy, IDK if has done that yet, or if he still has them.

Unfortunately we are without internet at the farm, so communication may be slow. let me know if you want our phone number.

If you want something quick, Mike's Equipment, Buhler KS would surely have one in stock and they ship out daily. They are good guys, and we deal with them all the time.
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