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We are getting the 386 code, rail pressure leakage detected by quantity balance, currently 2 days with no crop cut, have cleaned the screens, new filters only went on 70hrs ago, new pressure sensor and relief valve, had mechanic put computer on this morning, they are leaning towards the pressure pump, only problem is nil stock in australia, dont know how long will take to get one out of the states..with a $5500 price tag..

why is it so hard for them clowns higher up the chain to stock parts? What scares me now is that agco are running these same sisu motors in everything,including the challengers and rogators..

our 2010 R76 has less than 1000eng hrs and it has already had a water pump fail and a motor blow up at 500 hrs, alternator locked up at 880hrs and caused a paddock fire, and now fuel pump at 950hrs, had 3 sets of rear feeder chains fail in less than 700 rotor hrs, and has had a new set of chopper blades, and I think nearly every belt has been changed..why is it so hard to get any life out of anything anymore?

Sorry about the rant, we are just quickly losing faith in these machines
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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