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Gordon Bars and Chaffer

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Anyone have experience with Gordon Bars and air jet chaffer? Running 2188, spec rotor, 60% wheat acres/40% sunflower...occasional corn. Wondering if it would be a good upgrade for harvesting these crops. TIA
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I have both. Great samples. Never have done sunflowers.
Have both sets in a 2188 and two 2388's, love them! Cleanest samples ever. The manager at the local COOP even said that was the cleanest Milo sample he'd ever seen!
Have a set of Gordon bars in a 2166 and they work great. Harvest soybeans only.
My buddy has a 1680 and his dad runs a 1688 with the Gordon bars. They hate them in corn but love them in beans. Claim they are too aggressive in the corn and crack alot. Of course his dad is anal about everything!
Started out running Gordon bars in our 1680 and when we traded to our 2388 we had them switched over. We like them.
The Air Jet chaffer is very noticable in small grains when you compare them to a regular cleaning system. I have seen it happen between 2-1660s in Oats. H.
Do they help with saving grain over the sieve, cause thats our biggest hasle with the 1480's?
You can get more capacity with the factory setup, but it won't be near the sample. You can get as good of sample with the factory setup, but it won't be near the capacity. Get what I am saying.
seedcleaner: i get ya, looking for capacity, perfect samples are nice. getting it done faster is better.
Bought a full set of gordon rotor bars yesterday. Threshing and seperating. Wheat and dry beans cant wait to see how they work
Has anybody tried the gordon chaffer in soybeans? I've heard they don't have great capacity in corn...just courious about beans.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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