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Local Dealer called me to see if I wanted to come take a ride in one of their customers machines picking soybeans with a Dynaflex. We have been talking back and forth about looking at Gleaners' S series, so since we haven't started picking, I went to check it out.
Our current machine is a Lexion 760, with a 40' FD70, so that's my comparison base.
I was impressed with both the machine, and the Head. The cab was a little quieter than the 760, but maybe the fit and finish of the 760 is a little better. Unloading speed was very impressive. It was very nimble, tight turning radius, and overall a smooth ride. (machine had duals) The power was also quite impressive, we were going around some terraces and up some hills that were short, but steep. The engine load would go to 100% on the incline but he could still stay above 4mph and and would slowly creep down back to about 75% as the power "bulge" seemed to kick in. At 5 mph in green stem beans 75% is were the engine load seemed to stay. I think he could have gone faster but this field had been tiled last fall, so it was a little rough. The grain sample was second to none in my opinion. Clean, with minimal cracking, also the loss on the ground was very little, and mostly from sickle shatter due to low podded plants. The spreader did a pretty good job at covering the 40' spread, but the turbo chop on the lexion is better. The Dynaflex was amazing in my opinion. I know my FD70 would not have shaved the ground as well, without pushing around the uneven terraces and hills. Overall it was an very impressive machine, and I think worth anyone's time to at least take a look at. I enjoyed the ride.
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