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GPS receiver mounting on 6088?

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Where does the GPS Receiver mount, and wiring located on a 6088, somewhere in the bin? Does the following look anything close to what I am looking for? thanks, Jim


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You're looking in the right place, but it doesn't appear that your machine has either the bracket or the harness for a receiver. The harness would have a gray 12-pin Deutsch connector on the end close to the receiver, as well as a 3-pin triangular Deutsch connector that looks like it has a plug in it. The plug is actually a passive terminator, which is required for CAN communication.
yes, both the bracket and harness can be easily added by you or by a dealer.

Depending on what you want to do and what kind of receiver you're planning to add, there are other ways to go about this as well.
Care to elaborate?
The Pro 600 or Pro 700 can accept standard NMEA GPS messages via a 9-pin RS232 port, which means that you can use any receiver that outputs those messages, and simply use a serial cable to connect the receiver to the display.

Check out this document:

My point is that you aren't required to use the factory bracket, factory harness, or even a Case IH receiver.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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