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grain loss sensor

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Do the new 5088, 6088, etc combines have grain loss sensors across the entire width of the sieves or just one on each side? Is there a way to add more grain loss sensors to a 21xx or XX88 series combine. I think the bigger combines (7010, 8010) combines have a sensor that runs the whole width of the sieve. I want this on the smaller combines.
It seems like I could adjust those silly paddles on the augers under the rotor all day and not get the material evenly distributed on the sieves. If its heavy in the middle you don't know it is coming out the back of the combine with the grain loss monitor. Is there a better way to get the material level across the width of the sieves.
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One sensor on each side. The best way I've found to get material level is to kill the machine and then adjust rotor speed according to what you find the grain distribution is.
You could add another a-post and use it only for the extra sensors. That's the only way I could see of doing it. You probably don't even need the whole a-post, just the grain loss section.
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