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grain savers

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what is the consensus on the new grain savers on the 20`s do they work for as much time as the update ( 10`s) is taking I`m hoping to hear positive news
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My 7120 did a great job in Barley and Wheat. No dribbling of grain.Dealer changed the plastic spout the other day. New spout will change the grain drop making a narrower pattern.
whats the new one like...also i hope that problem gets solved.... seems a little ridiculous
The grain saver on our 7120 has worked great. No dribbling in durum and lentils. If the update kit isn't too expensive it would pay for itself pretty quickly if your existing grain saver is consistanly dribbling product on the ground. I don't like our spout though, especially in the wind. The grain blows all over. I guess what can you expect from a $400K combine anyways? Still getting used to the much longer auger than what were on our 2388's.
the new one is a replica of the 2388 wow it worked for years and we felt we had to change it expensive mistake
i was going to say that.....why change it.... it works.... sometimes you really wonder what there thinking..
When CNH came out with that POS spout for the 07's, no, they weren't thinking.

It makes your unloading auger like 15 inches shorter though
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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