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grand island - what to do??

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Going on a plant tour in the new year. Curious to see what else there is to do near by?
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Do you like history? Nearby Hastings has one of the finest museums I've ever been to in the central Great Plains. There are at least 13 mounted California condors in the place in various spots, lots of mounted wildlife, a huge gun collection and tons of pioneer memorabilia. I was there for several hours one day, but due to my schedule, I was not able to come back again. Believe me, this takes every bit of 2 days to really see it all.

Another really interesting museum is the Stuhr. It's about railroad and train history, but it is really great to see. Not too far away geographically, is Minden. This is home to Harold Warp's antique museum, chock full of automobiles as well as farm machinery.

Good luck with your big adventure!
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Kearney is not too far away and they have a Cabellas if you are into outdoor stuff, they also have the Arch, it is ok. Durring the summer I believe pioneer village is something worth while in GI but I don't know if any of it is open durring the winter.

Let us know how the tour goes, I live two hours away and keep thinking it would be a good short trip someday. I toured the Moline plants of JD, and Case. Case was really far behind the times compared to JD at that plant. I'm sure this GI plant is a lot more up to date.
Minden Nebraska is about 40 miles west and has a great display of old cars, trucks, machinery and other antique stuff. The place is called Pioneer Village.
our dealer took us to plant last year it was a very nice tour i was very impressed with it i would tell any that has the chance to go take it you will not regret it it is a very nice plant and tour you will enjoy the tour
I've spent a fair bit of time in the area, working for Case. Chevyland USA is a somewhat interesting old museum, which is west towards Kearney. I suggest eating at least one meal at Texas T-Bone while you are in Grand Island. Man I could go for a "roadkill" right now (chopped steak covered in cheese and bacon).
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