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That rain made the really heavy windrows difficult to dry out. So I had to dig out a slugged rotor more than once this year.
But the yield was worth every minute of it. Could'nt believe how good the second year fescue fields did this year.

Oh good, it did'nt take too awefull much digging this time.

But that's enough for the day. The sun is low and the soil capilaries are bringing the moisture back up so I may as well call it a day and head back to the barn.

Believe it or not, that is allmost 9 ton of grass seed. We run at a small loss to keep the cleanout low.

Life at the bins.

5% or less cleanout grass unloads like a dream.

Straw row after combining.

Most of our straw goes 3 tie for export. But some this year went big sqares for domestic use.

Awaiting a truck to take it to the press for "re-baling".

Well thats it for the night. I hope I did'nt bore too many with all the pics. Thanks for looking.
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