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Greasing hydro coupler

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I have a new to me 2166 and want to grease the zerk on the hydro coupler. Wondering what is the easiest way to turn the engine over to get the zerk to the top where I can get to it through the hole in the housing?
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To grease the coupler open the cover on top of the grease hole and use a pry bar to bar over the pulley that the auxiliary belt runs on. There is little notches on the pulley that you can pry of against the casting till you line up the grease fitting in the hole.
So I looked at this and no luck. There's no cover over the grease hole, but there is a hole on top of the housing. However I can't seem to get a good pry point from either the hole or the cutout that's on the side of the housing. The bar just wants to slide off the teeth on the pulley.
I also tried getting the grease gun on it from the bottom through the housing cutout since that's where the zerk was at the time. Although very close, I couldn't quite get on it.
Am I missing something?
You might wanna try backing of the auxiliary belt tension
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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