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Greenstar ?

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I have original Greenstar in a newly purchased 9610 and I was wondering if it is worthwhile to update this to GS II;and if it will plug in to the existing harness or do I need additional harness or cable? I have no SF nor do I think I want one,I just want the monitor to log data and be able to transfer to desktop computer. Thanks ; Paul
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Will you ever think about getting a reciever to map with or use for tracking? I have a couple guys here running the GS2 just for data logging. You wouls only need one adapter harness to connect the GS2 to the original harness.
Thor; I don't think I would do the mapping, is there a card I would need to save data on and do I need software for the desktop computer to read and organize data from the GS2 card? Is it expensive? Thanks for the info. Paul
Will be running a 50, 00, 10 series combine and own or are interested in purchasing a 2600 GS2 display for harvesting?
John Deere AMS is pleased to announce Harvest Doc Grain is now available for combines using the side mount moisture sensor with the GS2 display. This includes all 50 series combines using yield mapping or monitoring, and all 00 and 10 series that have been converted to 2.5v CAN bus.

To run Harvest Doc Grain a software update is needed for the side mount moisture sensor.
Questions concerning converting a 4.5v CAN bus to 2.5V , it needs to be 2.5V

Also without GPS all you will do is harvest mointoring, will not have data, will have to write down want each field yeilds.
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